H-BOT EVE-Pilot 1.3

Use this litle program to travel fast in eve-online being afk
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Use this litle program to travel fast in eve-online being afk. No need to stay near your pc and push the annoying warp to zero all the time.
Take a minute to setup coordinates of your overview IC column and the aproach ,jump and warp to buttons. If you wish to dock to a station at your dest, just bookmark that station and type the coordinates of the bookmark (open your people&places and scroll to it) in the according edit boxes and check the “Dock to destination station” box.
In the “Popup menu dock Y” box leave 45. Leave default Timers or type 5000 in “wait for solar system load” if your eve is laggfree (I don’t think so though). Push “save settings” so you don’t have to type the values every time.
Set your destination and just press autopilot in EVE-Pilot. the bot will keep warping to zero and jumping till it reaches the destination. At any given time press space on keyboad to stop the bot.
Get in space. Leave only the Stargates in your overview settings and uncheck everything else. Use window mode and not fullscreen in your EVE settings.
Open eve-pilot, leave the EVE in background and put Eve-pilot on top. navigate your mouse and go to top left of your IC column in overview. you can see the coordinates of that point in the Eve-pilot "CURSOR" box. type what you see there in the first and second editboxes in the "overview setup" section.
Do the same for the right bottom point of IC column and type the values in the third and fourth editboxes in the "overview setup" section. Using your mouse cursor find the coordinate of the aproach and jump buttons in EVE and type in the values. Thats it !

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